The Psychology of Serial Killers
On Stage / Lecture

The Psychology of Serial Killers

November 2 - 7:30 PM

$49.00 + taxes and fees

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Winnipeg native  and renowned Clinical Psychologist and criminal expert, Dr. Rachel Toles, reprises her role as the expert of The Psychology of Serial Killers show following its 40+ city US tour this spring.

Dr. Toles explores the terrifying minds of the world’s most infamous serial killers in her show. Through her personal research, she uncovers surprising motivations behind these heinous crimes and delves into why we, as human beings, are so captivated by such horrors.

The Psychology of Serial Killers features a touring masterclass, diving deep into the darkest and most thought provoking of subjects. Who are these notorious killers? How does an ordinary neighbor become a mass murderer?

During this 90 minute thrilling experience, Dr. Rachel Toles, true crime’s preeminent Psychologist, seeks to help us understand these burning questions:

  • What makes a serial killer?
  • Why do they commit such horrific crimes?
  • What drives them to murder?
  • Do they share common traits that trigger mass-killings?
  • What motivates them to kill over and over again?
  • How do they chose their victims? Is it random or something more sinister?
  • Why do some women fall in love with these convicted killers?
  • And perhaps the most important question of all… why are we so fascinated by serial killers and true crime?

You will also get the chance to ask anything you have ever wanted to know about serial killers in a live Q&A session with Dr. Toles.