PHOTOGRAPH: 40 Years Down The Road-The Blue & The Black!!
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PHOTOGRAPH: 40 Years Down The Road-The Blue & The Black!!

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On June 21st of this year, the original line up of Photograph: Mark Rashotte, Andy Forgie, John Paul Murphy & Mark Wilkins, took to a barren stage at empire theatre & before an empty house, performed various selections from their 1981 Capitol/Parlophone Records album release.

This was the first time they played most of these songs in 40 yrs! (a brief two song performance in 2018 being the exception)

Some of their hits, deep cuts, sentimental out-takes, and a couple of choice covers from back in the day.

On this stay at home New Year’s Eve … why not pop some popcorn, crack some cold ones, click the link and enjoy….for those who remember, and those listening for the first time…this is “PHOTOGRAPH: 40 Years Down The Road-The Blue & The Black!!”

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