Music City Monday – Strumming Stories
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Music City Monday – Strumming Stories

Live Stream REPLAY November 30 - 2:00 PM

Concert Replay until November 30th

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While this show is free to watch – we are trying to support the musicians, crews and venue that have been hit so hard during the last 8 months – So there is a tip jar below with a few ways for you to help out if you are able.
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Strumming Stories began in the fall of 2019 when a group of friends from the Quinte area came together as a band. By the end of 2019 things were falling into place, and they developed a blue jean country / rock sound that falls evenly between Jason Aldean and Randy Houser.Their songs are pumping and the wheels are trucking along at 100 miles per hour, delivering songs that are authentic accounts of what it’s like growing up in small town life with influence from the close big city lights.