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Abbamania and Freddy Mercury Tribute

Bounty Enterprises presents Abbamania with special guest tributes to Adele, Madonna and Freddy Mercury.

ABBAMANIA, the only production to perform for Mamma Mia, is an all Canadian cast and is the worlds number one production to Abba.  Abbamania recreates Abba as they were on stage in concert, when they were onstage as one of the most successful bands in pop history.

Abbamania has performed for the past 18 years to sold out concerts, with the London Symphony, San Diego Symphony, Boston Symphony, Vancouver Symphony, Denver Symphony and the Montreal Symphony, to mention a few.

Abbamania performa every song note for note, chord for chord exactly as the original recordings.

Special Guest tributes to Adele and Madonna. Hear all the hits.

The New York Times ‘’Abbamania is amazing”

Chicago Tribune “ Abbamania, looks and sounds like the real ABBA.