A Musical Tribute to the Highwaymen
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A Musical Tribute to the Highwaymen

A Tribute to Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Johnny CashNovember 20 - 7:00 PM

$44.00 + taxes and fees

You will be amazed as each song is sung and performed with precision just as if you were seeing the original group performing.

Never before in country music had a recording group of such country superstars existed. Waylon and Johnny (and June) are no longer with us but their music lives on remembered and performed by look and sound alike impersonators Bob Gill and Rock Harley Both have successfully toured internationally performing to sold out shows and are said to be the best in the world at their craft of emulating their heroes Waylon and Johnny. Their appearance and vocals are so much like the original artists it is uncanny. They are joined by Willie Nelson impersonator Guy Melanson who lends his excellent vocal and instrumental talents to the show. These three are the Highwaymen road show and are backed by their excellent 5 piece band. Remember such hits as Ring of Fire, On the Road Again and Good ole Boys to name a few. A bit of history – Waylon was to be on the same plane with Buddy Holly that crashed but lost his seat to the Big Bopper in a coin toss.

In accordance with the new provincial health guidelines, The Empire Theatre, as of October 14th all patrons, volunteers and staff will require the proof of vaccination passport.