40th Anniversary of SAWYER BROWN
On Stage / Country

40th Anniversary of SAWYER BROWN

November 3 - 7:30 PM

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When asked what has set Sawyer Brown apart in the music business to account for four
decades of success, lead singer and frontman Mark Miller answers, “One of the unique things
about the band is we don’t really have a lot of love songs. We have life songs.”

Years before The Voice and American Idol, there was Star Search with Ed McMahon. In the first
season, an eclectic and charismatic country-rock band appeared on the show, taking America
by storm. After being told no time after time in Nashville showcases, Sawyer Brown won over
millions of fans with their electrifying TV performances week after week in Hollywood. Capturing
the hearts of all ages, their sound was compared to country super-groups like Alabama and
Charlie Daniels Band, but they looked more like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. From
ignored underdogs in Music City to overnight rock stars from LA to New York, they swept the
competition and won.

Riding on the wave of sudden TV popularity, the band spent their first year-and-a-half on the
road with country and pop icon Kenny Rogers, opening his shows in arenas across the U.S., all
while learning from the best. From there, Sawyer Brown began to quickly carve out their own
niche, delivering hit after hit, selling out venues, and constantly wowing an ever-growing
fanbase. Navigating the music business on their own terms, the band blazed a new trail through
uncharted territory to constantly beat the odds and win the day in the volatile world of the
entertainment industry.

Since 1984, the band’s high-energy reputation, uncompromising dedication to their fans, along
with their relentless drive to stay true to themselves have never wavered. For the past forty
years, “the boys” legendary live shows have captivated audiences with no signs of ever slowing
down. Today, Sawyer Brown just keeps on delivering their unapologetically blue-collar,
grass-roots message through music. One of their fan-favourite songs says it all: “They were
searchin’ for stars when we came along, it was rock ’n roll in a country song, there were five of
us thinking that we can, this is the life and times of a travelin’ band.”

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