Crash Test Dummies

God Shuffled His Feet 25th Anniversary Tour 

with special guests The Grapes Of Wrath


Wednesday, March 27 @ 7:30 p.m.

Price:  $45.00 + HST + TFSF


Winnipegs Crash Test Dummies are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their acclaimed international release  “ God Shuffled His Feet”!  Fans will be thrilled to hear classics “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”, “Afternoons And Coffeespoons”, the title track “God Shuffled His Feet” and of course their iconic 1991 hit “Superman’s Song”, and many more!

After touring the world for their last album eight years ago, Crash Test Dummies agreed that they were done. “Everyone was ready to move on in their lives–you know, family, other interests. And I didn’t feel I had anything else to say. I wanted to write albums, but people had stopped listening to albums. Instead, everything was streaming. People only wanted to listen to one song, and then move on to the next band. I lost interest.” 

Recently, however, Roberts has penned some of his most provocative lyrics ever. “I sat down one night after having written nothing in literally years, and out came a verse–of sorts. I was rusty! But I stuck with it for a few more days, until I managed to make it to say what I wanted to say.” This led to more of the same, and soon Roberts was ready to try setting words to music. “Just for my own pleasure, really. Things grew organically from there. And here we are again!”

Special guest performers are non other than B.C.’s The Grapes Of Wrath, famous for their hits “Peace Of Mind”, “All The Things I Wasn’t”, “I Am Here”, and more!

Grapes of Wrath Photo 1