Quinte Film Alternative – Wife of a Spy 7pm

$12.00 incl. taxes and fees

Taking place in 1940 Kobe, Japan, “Wife of a Spy” follows Yusaku, an enigmatic businessman, and his trophy wife, Satoko Fukuhara, during World War II. Satoko’s childhood friend Taiji, now a squad leader in the military police, suspects Yusaku of treason because of his deep ties with John Fitzgerald Drummond, an Englishman ostensibly busted for trading in illegal silk but suspected of espionage.

The exacting period detail by production designer Norifumi Ataka further elucidates Taiji’s suspicions. In a Japan rejecting Western customs to support local traditions, Satoko and Yusaku are living in a Western-style villa, with European clothes and imported whiskey. Yusaku and his nephew Fumio are also taking copious trips outside Japan. One such expedition takes them to Manchuria, where they uncover the real-life human.

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